Our new You Tube Channel

Our You Tube Channel “VISIT GOOD SHEPHERD” went live this morning, showing the four videos listed below. The singer, Chris, is a much-loved member of the Evensong Singers (Sacred Space on Saturday) – his “Magnificat”, which he sang at our last Evensong, had already been booked for the next but, by then, the church was closed for services. 
The other videos show songs that Chris had prepared for singing in the Holy Week season. The “Women Blessed in Christ” spans the period from Christmas to Easter, mentioning five women: the Virgin Mary; the Samaritan woman who spoke to Jesus at the well; and, finally, the three women who see the risen Christ – “Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the Mother of James” Luke names these women and speaks of “the other women with them”. Mark’s account names one of the “other women” Salome.
“Take My Mother Home” is a meditative reflection on some of Christ’s journey towards the cross and death which uses the idea that Christ will die easier if he knows his mother has been taken home. 
“Before the Cock Crew Twice” is a meditation on Peter’s experience (and our own). Jesus’ compassion, grace and love flow through it. 

The Songs are beautifully sung but inexpertly filmed. Forgive the filming and enjoy visiting Good Shepherd while the effort to manage COVID-19 has closed our church to public worship. 

Take My Mother Home https://youtu.be/KiNf2YlrgJM

Before the Cock Crew Twice https://youtu.be/lWklqsaBsIc

Women Blessed in Christ https://youtu.be/O-wAIQWSBes 

Magnificat https://youtu.be/sZg2pQFwCno

Reverend Michael Lane

Special Birthday Month

Two celebrations of maturity this month!

First it was Joan Middleton’s 90th and then a short time later Mary Davey clocked up 100! It was wonderful to recognise and celebrate with these two lovely ladies who have been an important part of our for community for so long.

Celebrating Julia

On Sunday morning after our 10 am service, Julia gave thanks for the successful completion of her university studies.  Celebrating the milestone too, were her tutor and about a dozen of her Kenyan friends who demonstrated their thanksgiving and joy in song and dance … and of course they provided cake and morning tea. Congratulations Julia!   

Party Time!

The Parish Christmas get-together was held last week and here are the pics – plenty of smiling faces and empty dishes.